Strength & Conditioning

Dedicated machines for each body part.

Plated Loaded. For the Beast within you!

From the manufacturer of equipment used in 2014 Olympics & Bailih Fitness.

Designed at elite design labs for best form and flow.

Functional Training

Cross-Fit cage.

Jumping Boxes.

Punching Bags.

Battle Ropes.

Fitness & Cardio

State of the art treadmills with Touchscreen and wi-fi connectivity.

Ample space for Boot-Camps (weekend only).

Spin Bikes, Rowers, Ellipticals, Recumbent Bikes.

Beautiful view for all cardio workouts.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Muay Thai.



Enclosed space to provide you your personal space.

Roof Top Morning Yoga sessions.

Instructions according to your goals & schedule.

An assisted therapy class incorporating yogic stretching, movements and acupressure.

Group Classes

1,500 Sq. ft. enclosed dance floor.

Off-Peak hour classes (if requested).

Zumba classes by ZIN instructors.